Wednesday, April 9, 2014

SaaSMAX Marketplace Gains Traction in Q1 2014

As SaaS transforms the B2B software sector, SaaSMAX sees increase in volume of channel-
friendly SaaS Vendors, reseller engagement and SaaSMAX matchmaking

April 9, 2014, San Diego, California -  SaaSMAX, the SaaS Marketplace that facilitates matchmaking between channel-friendly SaaS vendors and the IT Channel and other innovative Resellers, is experiencing increasing momentum and membership growth these days.     
SaaSMAX CEO Dina Moskowitz commented: “In March, for example, we welcomed a wide variety of Software-as-a-Service Vendors, among which are Speek, FreshDesk, ClubLemeno, Crexendo, TripScanner, Effortless Office, TreeAssetManager and VeliQ.”
“Additionally in March,” Moskowitz commented “SaaSMAX added dozen Resellers, formalized a partnership with a reseller channel consulting organization named Alliance for Channel Success, and created a plethora of direct app matchmaking introductions between its member SaaS Vendors and Resellers.” 
FaxCore, Inc. is a great example of how SaaSMAX is producing results.  FaxCore’s CEO Tom Linhard recently said: “Being part of the SaaSMAX community, as a Vendor, has produced immediate results. The team at SaaSMAX is very pro-active in all aspects, from listing solutions to scheduling webinars and connecting me to their resellers.  Within a very short time I have signed up three new resellers and we are actively working opportunities that will result in revenue very soon.  I couldn’t be happier with this new marketing channel.”
The IT reseller channel which has been successfully leveraged by the largest software companies still represents 75% of all hardware, software and IT services sales in the US.   Sales expert John Golden, author of “Winning the Battle for Sales”, “Social Upheaval: How to Win @ Social Selling” and CEO of Focused Revenue Results, Inc. recently blogged: “Resellers can provide (SaaS companies) with instant scale and reach and introduce your product into their well-established customer base. While the advent of the Cloud and SaaS at one time may have threatened to disintermediate the IT reseller, the reality is that their ability to adapt to new products and services combined with the understanding they have of their customer’s environments and business needs have reinvigorated this channel.” 

Each of the B2B Cloud Apps that join SaaSMAX does so with a strategic plan to expand, engage and enable their Resellers, offering generous commissions and incentives that make it worthwhile for Resellers to add these solutions to their product portfolios.  Stated Moskowitz, “SaaSMAX is excited to be a facilitator of transformation in the software sector, for business enterprises and the IT Channel.”

About SaaSMAX Corp.

SaaSMAX Corp. is the ultimate Value-Add SaaS Marketplace for business cloud software vendors (“SaaS Vendors”) and resellers to create new revenues and partner opportunities.  Resellers can now find and compare SaaS Apps AND manage deal registrations, affiliate tools and commissions, all in one place.   SaaS Vendors now have the ultimate neutral venue to showcase their solutions to relevant B2B Resellers and Buyers, plus marketing support and tools to track sales conversions and commissions.   To learn more, visit us at and follow us on Twitter at

Friday, April 4, 2014

SaaSMAX Showcases Its Growing Marketplace @ 2014 Los Angeles ChannelPro-SMB Forum

SaaSMAX Showcases Its Growing Marketplace
of Channel-Friendly B2B Cloud Software Applications

Presenting Crexendo, VeliQ, AccountSight, ClubLemeno, Soonr and GoBIG!

SaaSMAX, the neutral SaaS Marketplace that brings together channel-friendly B2B SaaS Vendors with the IT Channel and Resellers, is a sponsor of the upcoming ChannelPro SMB Forum live event at the Hyatt Regency Orange County on April 9, 2014.  The event is hosted by ChannelPro-SMB, the premier source of business and technology insights for channel partners serving the small and midsize business market.

The SaaSMAX Team is excited to be introducing several important SaaS solutions at ChannelPro SMB Forum that Managed Service Providers are sure to be interested in bringing to their SMB customers.  Included amongst them are Soonr, ClubLemeno, GoBig!, AccountSight,  Crexendo, and VeliQ.   Each of these SaaS Solutions is described below, along with some special offers for SaaSMAX Resellers and attendees of ChannelPro SMB Forum:

Soonr is Cloud-based File Sharing and Collaboration for Business embraced by users and endorsed by IT, more than 150,000 businesses trust Soonr for their secure file sharing and collaboration needs. Supporting all major mobile devices and content, Soonr Workplace empowers mobile teams, and organizations to do business faster from any device anywhere, delivering greater business productivity. 
“We chose to engage with SaaSMAX to broaden our reach into the SMB channel network,” said Julie Criscenti Heck, Senior Director of Marketing at Soonr. “SaaSMAX has done a great job of providing a marketplace for partners to research and explore new leading cloud solutions to resell.”  Soonr is offering SaaSMAX Resellers who join the Soonr Success Partner Program a very special offer:  a one year free license to Soonr Workplace Pro!  Soonr Success Partner Program has no upfront fees, generous recurring revenue model and great sales and marketing enablement tools.

VeliQ offers a cloud-based Mobile Enablement solution called MobiDM that allows SaaSMAX Resellers the ability to manage and secure the mobile devices and applications used by their customers. IT Managers demand this level of security while employees expect the productivity and ease-of-use. The proliferation of mobile devices and business applications is astounding. To serve this demand, Resellers can now brand and offer a comprehensive suite of products that have historically required capital, premise equipment and headcount. 
“We selected SaaSMAX to reach the Reseller channel that’s poised to capitalize in this space” said Don Lake, VP of Sales at VeliQ. “We know that cloud and mobility services are being adopted at a staggering pace and SaaSMAX helps us evangelize our product”. VeliQ provides SaaSMAX Resellers with a free demo portal account to brand and utilize in their sales efforts.  Committed Reseller’s pay no up-front fees and can start selling immediately. Resellers also enjoy marketing tools and recurring revenue where they set the pricing.

Crexendo Inc., is a full-service cloud solutions provider that delivers critical voice and data services to the start-up, SMB and enterprise markets.  Customers choose  Crexendo's Cloud Communication Solution because it’s simple to use and includes powerful productivity features like Automatic Call Distribution, Auto-Attendant, Cloud Fax, and Mobility.  Our partners choose Crexendo because we offer lucrative recurring revenue (25%) and a wealth of tools for success.  Crexendo is offering SaaSMAX Resellers free Mobility licenses as part of their Demo Kit.

AccountSight is a powerful and easy to use online time tracking, expense recording and invoicing application ideal for small to mid-size businesses. AccountSight shortens the accounts receivables timeframe, maximizes employee productivity and increases company profitability. It’s productivity driven features, customer benefits, user-friendly interface and hassle-free user experience make AccountSight unique.
“SaaSMAX  has been a great collaborative partner in our mission to reach out to the SMB  channel community,” said Anita Bist, VP of Business Development at AccountSight. “Their cutting-edge platform provides a innovative way for vendors and resellers to both connect and find synergies with each other.” The AccountSight Reseller program has a generous commission structure as well as a supportive sales and marketing program. AccountSight is offering SaaSMAX Resellers a very special offer - a one year free account! 

The ever changing technology landscape is mind boggling, especially for the not-so-tech savvy small to medium size business owner. club LEMENO® Text Marketing was born of the KISS principal; make it easy, economical and effective for businesses to connect with their customers…and for customers to want to connect.  “Simplicity is the key,” says Dave Ish, CEO of club LEMENO®. “We have engaged SaaSMAX because they offer a direct connection to professionals who can best represent our program to their clients. They know their clients’ needs and how busy they are running their businesses. Offering a simple yet powerful marketing solution will please the client and make a hero of the reseller.”

club LEMENO® is offering a 10% bonus on top of our generous published commission structure for the first year to qualified resellers at the ChannelPro Conference (April 8-9, 2014) on sales made by July 31, 2014. Resellers must register and be approved prior to April 30, 2014.  For more information, contact Dave Ish at the SaaSMAX booth April 9 or

GoBig! is the next generation wifi and lead generation solution for restaurants and retailers. By plugging in GoBig!  wifi devices in a store locations, it allows customers to log-in to your wifi using their facebook or mobile number, which allows the business to to capture accurate email addresses and mobile numbers of your customers. GoBig! includes the wifi device, customer management system and an email and mobile text system to send coupons and offers to customers. Authorized resellers start out with a 25% discount off MSRP for the software and 15% for the annual software maintenance. GoBig! offers SaaSMAX Resellers $100 upon any customer signing up for GoBig!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bizness Apps 4.0 Launch Webinar 4-3-14

Bizness Apps 4.0 Launch Webinar 4-3-14 from Bizness Apps on Vimeo.

Monday, March 24, 2014

WiFi-as-a-Service ! Featured White Paper by PowerCloud Systems

SaaSMAX Resellers, if your customers want outstanding Wi-Fi and professional support at an affordable price, PowerCloud has a proven solution and business model designed to make you successful and your customers happy.    Power Cloud's Reseller Program is designed to support reseller partners and MSPs that are striving to offer affordable and easy to manage Wi-Fi solutions.  As a SaaSMAX Reseller you will be provided with everything you need to deploy, configure, secure, and remotely manage business-grade Wi-Fi — at a fraction of the cost of traditional controller-based systems.

CloudCommand is available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, India, the CloudCommand product line is HIPAA and PCI compliant.  For more information, check  out PowerCloud's CloudCommand Wi-Fi visit their SaaSMAX App Profile.

Featured White Paper:  PowerCloud's CloudCommand! 

As WLAN management shifts to the cloud, SMBs fi nally have access to aff ordable, easy to manage enterprisegrade wireless, without needing experienced wireless engineers on staff . The cloud management model also gives rise to a Wi-Fi as a Service (WaaS) opportunity for MSPs/VARs, enabling them to generate managed services revenue from SMB customers. PowerCloud Systems is a pioneer in enabling WaaS. The company’s WLAN solution was designed from the ground up for cloud-based WLAN management, and has the right feature-set for both SMBs and MSPs.

In 2013, tablets outsold both laptops and desktops, and smartphones outsold all three combined. Even ignoring smartphones, by 2017 desktops will account for a mere 17% of connected computing devices in the workplace. Mobility is as crucial for small businesses as it is in large enterprises. Compass Intelligence’s Small Business Owner survey shows SMB owners average three mobile devices each, and 60% of them plan to purchase tablets, not laptops, for employees.

Not surprisingly, the worldwide enterprise Wireless LAN market continues to grow at 14% annually. In North America and Europe most large enterprises already have mature, stable and well managed wireless networks. In fact, they are in the midst of refreshing 802.11abg access points with newer 802.11n and 802.11ac devices. But this is not so for SMBs. According to ABI Research, some 40% of small businesses (5-99 employees) still did not have enterprise-grade Wi-Fi deployed by the end of 2013.

Wi-Fi as a Service Market Perspective for VARs/MSPs targeting SMBs.....(click here to continue reading...)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

WiseSaaS Point of View: Why Should SaaS Providers Use Resellers?

“Resellers can provide you with instant scale and reach and introduce your product into their well-established customer base.”

Featured Author:  John Golden

John Golden, author of Amazon Best Sellers “Winning the Battle for Sales” and “Social Upheaval: How to Win @ Social Selling” is the founder & CEO of Focused Revenue Results, Inc. an organization that helps small, mid-market and startup companies with strategy, marketing and sales. He previously held the roles of President & CEO at Huthwaite and Omega Performance as well as several other pivotal positions in sales, marketing, and product development; which gives him a uniquely expansive view on what it takes to engage successfully with target customers.   He can be contacted at    

In my business I usually work with small-to-medium sized companies and startups. Now while most of them differ in what they do and offer, all share one challenge in common and that is how to scale sales capabilities.  This is particularly true in the exploding SaaS application space where aggressive growth trajectories are expected by shareholders, investors, VCs or needed by founders who have invested their own capital in these ventures.

With some established companies, the direct sales force becomes a laser-focus with more and more resources being poured into it. All of these resources are not just sales people, however, as a growing direct sales force can require sales engineers, CRM administrators, sales enablement personnel and of course, layers of sales management. So when you calculate the time, resources, focus and support tools, this represents a major expense as well as a huge bet.

Similarly with early stage and startup companies, building a direct sales force is also often choice number one, as it seems a natural evolution given that many of these companies started out with one of the founders or early hires doing all the selling and the company’s growth goals now require greater sales bandwidth and reach.

The challenge for both established and startup companies lies in the fact that building and scaling a direct sales force is usually a longer and more expensive process than anticipated. Unfortunately too many people have unrealistic expectations and do simple spreadsheet exercises with aggressive revenue generating timelines to justify the cost of hiring. What is often left out of the equation are the following:

  • The time it takes to identify and recruit suitable sales resources (finding good sales people is still the single biggest challenge I hear from business leaders)
  • Time to productivity (i.e. how long it takes a new sales hire to generate their targeted level of sales) is also underestimated. Sales people’s time to productivity is dependent on a number of variables such as how much is invested in onboarding and on-going coaching (an expense usually omitted from the cost of hiring calculations).
  • The additional resources required (e.g. more sales managers, sales enablement personnel, CRM administrators, sales engineers)
  • How well-defined the organization’s Go-To-Market strategy is and whether the ideal target customer has been clearly identified.

All of these, and many others I could mention, mean that scaling your business by relying only or even primarily on a direct sales force, while it can prove ultimately successful, is likely to be a much longer road than the spreadsheet exercises predict.

A proven and more balanced approach is to leverage a reseller channel in addition to building your own direct capabilities. The IT reseller channel which has been successfully leveraged by the largest software companies still represents 75% of all hardware, software and IT services sales in the US. These Resellers, therefore, can provide you with instant scale and reach and introduce your product into their well-established customer base. While the advent of the Cloud and SaaS at one time may have threatened to disintermediate the IT reseller, the reality is that their ability to adapt to new products and services combined with the understanding they have of their customer’s environments and business needs have reinvigorated this channel. 

Resellers provide a comprehensive value proposition for SaaS Application providers in that they:

  • Have extensive existing relationships
  • Have long ago moved from selling products to selling solutions
  • Understand their customer’s evolving and changing needs
  • Know the industries they are focused on
  • Bring a high level of domain expertise
  • Are a relatively low cost/low risk option
  • Are a force multiplier as they are the only way you can quickly scale sales reach

Don’t misunderstand me, there is still work required of the SaaS provider to ensure that a reseller strategy is successful. It is critical that the reseller is provided with support in the form of training on the product and the market positioning of the offering as well as marketing materials customized to the segment the reseller focuses on. The big difference between doing this for new direct sales hires and resellers is that resellers are immediately ready to introduce your product into an established customer base, where trusted relationships already exist.

So if you are SaaS provider with aggressive growth targets (or even aspirations), I would recommend you at least adopt a dual strategy of leveraging the reseller channel as well as building a direct sales force. Who knows, maybe you will find (as some very successful companies have) that a reseller-only model may even work best.

SaaSMAX is the premier SaaS Marketplace for connecting reseller-friendly SaaS Apps with Resellers.  Visit to learn how you can leverage SaaSMAX to grow and manage your Resellers.