2015 Industry Outlook: 46 Ideas from Channel Leaders

Excerpts from VSR  2015 Industry Outlook Including SaaSMAX CEO Dina Moskowitz!

By Angela Diffly — January 23, 2015, Vertical Systems Reseller

“Managing change requires staying abreast of what’s happening — how are your peers and partners managing these blurring lines. To help guide you into the new year, VSR offers this 2015 Industry Outlook. We reached out to over thirty companies, including solution providers, ISVs, MSPs, distributors, manufacturers and industry organizations, to gather insight into what’s shaping today’s kaleidoscopic channel, and what you should do right now to get ahead — and stay there. At the end of the day, no matter how much the landscape shifts, you must keep your footing, and make the right next steps for your business. We hope the industry voices here offer some solid ground. Here’s to a bright, and prosperous 2015. After all, change is good, right? ”

Here are 3 of those 46 Ideas…for more visit this link.

Dina Moskowitz, CEO, SaaSMAX: We expect SMB adoption of SaaS applications to grow 250% compared to what they’ve been in 2014.  According to Techaisle, an SMB IT market research and analyst firm, SMBs used an average of five SaaS solutions in 2014, but will be adding eight additional SaaS applications in 2015, for an average total of 13 in 2015.  Solution providers should include more SaaS solutions to their line cards if they are going to stay relevant.

Frank Vitagliano, VP, Global Channel Strategy & Programs, Dell: The most radical shift will be the realization that while industry trends such as cloud, big data, mobility, etc., are in fact real and will continue to grow in importance, there is still a significant reliance on the basics that both vendors and solution providers provide their customers every day; a solutions-led approach to solving customer problems that will not result in any extraordinary change of how business is transacted.

Jay McBain, Co-Founder & COO, ChannelEyes: Channel partners have always been highly adaptable and tend to gravitate towards opportunity. The shift of over 50% IT spending from the IT department to lines of business has partners building new relationships with sales, marketing, HR, operations and finance executives. Understanding how customers buy is also key to staying relevant. Research real-world trends around cloud and SaaS purchases in your industry and geography instead of buying into industry hype that may or may not be relevant. Also, understand that the growth of software recurring revenue models hasn’t translated into services and hardware recurring at the same level.

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