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  • SaaSMAX Cybersecurity Road Show to Stop in Boston on June 28–Register Today!

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    Don’t be the next victim of one of the many cyberattacks that are plaguing everything from big-box retailers, to the small “mom and pop” shops in downtown Main Street U.S.A. Instead Join SaaSMAX’s Cybersecurity Channel Road Show to be held in Boston at GrandTen Distilling, on June 28  to meet the following cybersecurity thought leaders, who will share first-hand knowledge of how to build out your security stack to safeguard your clients, which will ultimately lead to increased MRR for your business:

    Larry Kerrigan, President & CEO, CMIT Solutions Boston
    Tina Gravel, VP Global Channels & Strategic Alliances, Cryptzone
    Dean Galbreath – Cybersecurity Industry Veteran & Senior Manager, Vendor Relations, CompTIA
    Harry Sverdlove, Co-Founder & CTO, Edgewise Networks
    Andrew Hammond, VP of Business Development, SSH Communications Security
    Nathan Svec, Sales Engineer, Webroot

    You’ll also get to spend time with our channel media partners, and industry association sponsor, CompTIA.

    BONUS & PRIZES: Take a FREE tour of  . . . . .  


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  • Why Cloud Channel Partners are Operating “Between the Raindrops”

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    Just what does it mean when cloud channel partners are doing business “between the raindrops?” Analyst firm Techaisle conducted a survey, which shows that the “sources of competition and channel conflicts for cloud business is increasing thereby creating untenable conditions for many channel partners.” In fact, “from 2013 to 2017, the percent of channel partners experiencing competition from vendors has gone up by 15 percent whereas from distributors it has increased by 55 percent.”

    Click here to learn more and to view the complete blog post on the Techaisle Web site.

  • MyDigitalShield OmniWAN Solution to Offer Enterprise-Level Broadband for SMBs

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     My Digital Shield (MDS) has released OmniWAN, a SD-WAN solution tailored to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). Combining Elastic UTM and SD-WAN, OmniWAN brings important quality metrics to existing internet connections, turning cable, DSL and more into enterprise-quality MPLS, without the high-level pricing. Having offered OmniShield, an ElasticUTM platform tailored to provide Fortune 500-grade managed security services to SMBs, MDS sought out to create a high-performing, secure UTM coupled with high-performing internet connectivity at a small business

    OmniWAN optimizes the internet connection or bonds multiple internet connections, sets several parameters and adds dynamic guardrails in order to keep all traffic flowing optimally. It also adds other technology to ensure all applications are treated and optimized according to how they should be treated across the network. All applications, including voice, video streaming, music, webcasts, video conference and file transfers, are sensitive to different network parameters such as bandwidth, latency, jitter, packet loss,  . . . . .  

  • CyberTECH Hosting Pitch Event Tonight in San Diego

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    Do you have a fantastic idea for a new business venture? Join CyberTECH at NestCoWork for the CyberTECH Smart  & Safe Cities Pitch Night!

    Individuals and companies will have 3 minutes to pitch with a chance to win prizes and receive real-time feedback from like-minded entrepreneurs, technology professionals, judges, mentors, and advisors. Food and drinks will be served!

    Click here to learn more and to register.

  • Recorded Webinar: Help Your Clients Take Control of Contract Management

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    Did you know that many companies have issues managing contracts and other business critical documentation, missing opportunities to save money, putting their company at risk and wasting huge amounts of time? Learn how to remedy this situation through contract management software–a high growth space with low market penetration.

    Hear from Will Reynolds CEO, SecureDocs on this SaaSMAX SnAPPshot  Webinar to learn how you can take advantage of this hot market.

  • Forrester Analyst Jay McBain Discusses Partner Matchmaking, Mentions Partner Optimizer

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    Forrester analyst Jay McBain mentions SaaSMAX Partner Optimizer during a recent webinar he presented on for Channel Mechanics.

    Newly appointed Forrester analyst Jay McBain mentioned SaaSMAX’s Partner Optimizer brand in a recent webinar he hosted discussing how to use channel data to to guide decision-making. The webinar, which was hosted by Channel Mechanics, focused on how companies must use data to better understand, reach, incent and drive loyalty among partners, develop new revenue streams, and dramatically improve operational efficiencies in the channel.

    During the webinar, McBain mentioned SaaSMAX Partner Optimizer, which is designed to help enterprise customers gather business intelligence on their reseller partners. The solution utilizes IBM’s Watson technology to scan partner websites and gather information on a channel partner’s business.

    For more information, go to:

  • SaaSMAX Corp.

    SaaSMAX Named a 2017 Gartner Cool Vendor in SaaS with Innovative Business Models

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    SaaSMAX named as one of Gartner’s 2017 “Cool Vendors” in SaaS with Innovative Business Models.

    June 7, 2017, San Diego, CA — SaaSMAX Corp., the IT Channel’s marketplace and distributor for B2B Cloud Software (“SaaS”) and Resellers (IT Solution Providers and line of business consultants), announced that it has been included in the Cool Vendors in SaaS With Innovative Business Models, 2017 report by Julian Poulter, Robert P. Anderson, Jim Hare and John Kostoulas at Gartner, Inc. The organization believes it was recognized in this report because of its designation as a premier matchmaker and distributor that offers an online independent marketplace for the SaaS and Cloud community to “fast-track” the growth of their indirect channel programs. In essence, SaaSMAX is demonstrating how digital technology can be used to disrupt traditional channel and distribution relationships.

    As Gartner’s report notes, “Vendors are becoming more creative with their SaaS business models to reflect  . . . . .  

  • baak-len

    Master Alternate Channels with the New Business Application Advisory Council

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    As anyone in or around the IT industry over the past five years can attest, the way businesses use, leverage and receive their technology has changed significantly. The cloud and mobile apps have taken over and innovation cycles continue to speed up. Transformation in the channel has become a constant.

    That’s why CompTIA continues to change as well. The association that brought vendor-neutral certifications to the industry and developed collaborative, member-lead peer communities to grow channel-specific resources and opportunities is strongly focused on the future.

    CompTIA’s new Business Application Advisory Council (BAAC) is another example of that forward-thinking philosophy. Its members come from a wide range of organizations that create, deliver and consume technology, and their mission is critical for the channel’s future and the IT industry as a whole. They are tasked with examining and creating initiatives around the complex and rapidly evolving tech business arena. From specialized business consultants  . . . . .  

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    Originally published on LinkedIn
    Making Passwords Secure – Fixing the Weakest Link in Cybersecurity by Dovell Bonnett

    ENTERPRISE CYBERSECURITY’s most ignored risk is User Authentication When end users are allowed to generate, know, remember, type and manage their own passwords, IT has inadvertently surrendered the job title Network Security Manager to employees – the weakest link in the cybersecurity chain. Passwords are not the problem. The management of passwords is the real security nightmare. Dovell Bonnett reveals the truth about the elephant in the room that no one wants to mention: Expensive backend security is worthless when the virtual front door has a lousy lock! Dovell proves that making passwords secure is not only possible, passwords can actually become an effective, cost efficient and user friendly feature of robust cybersecurity. After examining how encryption keys are secured, this book introduces a new strategy called Password Authentication Infrastructure (PAI) that rivals digital certificates.  . . . . .  

  • Recorded Webinar: How to Uncover the Secrets to Successful SaaS MRR 05 17 17

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    Discover how Anuj Dhawan, CEO of Digitally Infinite and Rodney Hall, Managing Partner of RBHall Associates, LLC share their journey to sell SaaS in a conversation with SaaSMAX’s own, Clinton Gatewood, VP, Channel Development.
    The Agenda is:

    1. The changing dynamics of IT Software/Service Consumption
    2. The Changing software Procurement Landscape
    3. Buyer Can Be Anyone
    4. Not All SaaS is the Same: How to Choose a Vendor
    5. Toolsets You Can Use to Take Advantage of the Changing
    6. Consumption and Procurement Landscape