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SaaSMAX Channel Tip #4: Give Your Reseller a Viable Lead, and/or Let Them Shadow a Deal


Here’s another strategic tip from the SaaSMAX Channel Marketing Team:

Give Your Reseller a Viable Lead, and/or Let Them Shadow a Deal

According to the 2015 Channel Technology Alliance Partnering in the Cloud Research Study, “Only 23% of the ISVs surveyed said they provide channel partners with leads.”

How short-sighted is that?! 

Would you expect your own sales people to successfully start selling your SaaS product without any training on your product?  Would you expect your sales person to start working for you for absolutely no money up front?  Would you do it?

Enable, motivate and incentivize your new reseller by sharing a lead with them, or by asking them to participate in an in-house deal – share commission with them- give them skin in the game. 

Try it.  

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