Who Could Shake Up the Cloud Market in 2018?

Cloud Market

Cloud Market Juggernauts

As a recent article by Kris Blackmon on Channel Futures explains, the three cloud market juggernauts (AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud) have consistently dominated the SaaS market throughout the years. There’s no big secret why: they were there first.

As Blackmon states, “There’s no doubt that early cloud innovators raked in fortunes and built massive cloud businesses while everyone else was dragging their feet and protesting that the cloud would never reach widespread adoption.”

Times have changed, though, and it’s no longer 2006. As revealed in our State of the SaaS Channel webinar, the cloud market has grown drastically throughout 2017. There’s no sign of it stopping, either.

Who’s Going to Shake Things Up?

Everybody is putting their hat into the ring as they work to adopt SaaS. It’s incredibly apparent that there are some major players looking to butt heads with the big three. Blackmon names a few of them among the many: Alibaba, IBM and Oracle.

Click here to find out what she has to say about them and why you should be paying attention to the secondary cloud market throughout 2018.


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