IDC: Cloud Spending to Rise as SaaS Continues its Upswing

According to a new report published by analyst firm IDC, enterprises are expected to continue their steady spend upswing (for at least another three years) when it comes to SaaS. Further, according to data provided by IDC (coming from data drawn from 20 industries across 47 countries), “total spending this year will reach $160 billion, a 23.2% jump over last year.

Some other report highlights:

  • Cloud spending continues to be the highest within the U.S. among all other countries.
  •  SaaS attracts the most companies compared to other cloud-based services.
  • IDC projects that, by 2021, companies will be spending upwards of $277 billion on cloud services.

Click here to learn more, and to read the full analyst report on IDC’s web site.

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