Webinar: CompTIA Reveals Growth in the SaaS Channel

In case you missed it, our annual “State of the SaaS Channel” webinar with CompTIA went off with a bang. Carolyn April, Senior Director of Industry Analysis for CompTIA, revealed insightful data with our audience and Clinton Gatewood.

Some Background Info

CompTIA’s annual study looks at how the Channel is embracing SaaS. This year, they fielded an online questionnaire to 400 individuals involved in the SaaS industry including solution providers, pure SaaS players and IT consultants, among others.

Here’s What You Should Know

  • The market is on fire: Cloud-based applications have grown 20.1% in 2017 with the market reaching an astounding $46.3 It’s clear that the Channel is all in. In fact, three quarters of study respondents say that their cloud-based sales included SaaS-related activities.
  • Customers are driving the market: Consumers are quickly becoming aware of the cloud its potential benefits. According to Carolyn April, one of the biggest drivers for getting into the SaaS business is customer demand with 43% of respondents stating that this was a primary factor. On consumer cloud awareness, she says, “As a consumer, you cannot watch television, or be on the internet, or talk to somebody else out in the industry without hearing about the cloud.”
  • There’s tons of opportunity available: Out of all the respondents, 52% stated that their customers are “semi-experienced” with SaaS. 30% stated that their customers are just getting started, and only 12% fell into the “veteran” category. As Carolyn states, “What I take away from this is that there’s tons of opportunity out there.” With plenty of customers still available for the taking, there’s no better time to join the market than right now.

Final Thoughts

As Channel businesses shift away from hardware, the market for cloud services will continue its dramatic growth. Companies are quickly realizing that SaaS can be a key factor for their revenue.

CompTIA’s study is an incredibly valuable resource for anybody looking to learn more about the SaaS Channel. We would like to thank Carolyn April for taking the time to speak with us and share her insight.

For more info about CompTIA, check out their website here.

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