Continuing my theme of getting more customers for your SaaS app..

                by Lincoln Murphy, SaaS Marketing Consultant

One way to get more customers is to send an offer to the mailing list of a partner company.

If that’s an option for you – or if you’re just curious – you’ll find this PDF guide helpful:


If you attended the workshop live – or if you’ve purchased access to the video + bonuses from the workshop – you’ll remember that geting to know your potential customer is super-important to all of your marketing activities.

And getting to know your customer includes identifying all of the other apps they use – adjacent to your product category – in their daily life.

Knowing what other apps they use – aside from understanding more about their buying behavior and expectations – goes a long way in helping you figure out how you can get your product in front of them.

And one of the ways you can get in front of your potential customers is by sending an email to the user base of your partner SaaS apps.

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