CTR Computer Technology Review: ” Liberating SaaS Data In the Cloud”

by Neil Blumenfield (1/7/12)
“Forrester Research reports the cloud computing market will grow to $241 billion in 2020, more than five times the market size in 2010, estimated at $40.7 billion. The report also states that Software as a Service (SaaS) is the market segment with the highest potential for growth. Forrester’s “Sizing the Cloud” report estimates the SaaS market growing three-fold to $92.8 billion by 2016.
SaaS-based applications are experiencing strong growth since enterprises recognize they offer a number of distinct advantages, among them: lower cost of entry, increased productivity, and elimination of the need to maintain and upgrade installed applications. These advantages have spurred the development of SaaS applications in all key business functions, including sales force automation, CRM, HR, finance, marketing and other functions.” …

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