Deskero Social Customer Service & Help Desk Software is Now Available on SaaSMAX

In today’s competitive business environment it is vital to combine savvy use of social media with great customer service.  Deskero is handy new customer care tool that will enable you increase the efficiency of your business and connect with customers, no matter the size of your business.   This cloud-based software will help you manage the diverse flow of information and customer service issues that come from e-mail, chats, websites, and social network sites.

Deskero has several innovative features that aim to seamlessly integrate your business with the online world of your customers.  Cut through the tangled thicket of multi-source requests from your customers with Deskero’s multi-channel help desk system.  It organizes requests from a variety of sources (which are called tickets in Deskero’s system) on a single platform that allows a quick and simple response with One Click Reply.  Make self-service easy with a database that allows customers to find solutions to problems and lets you easily collect and share FAQ’s on your social networks.  Let Deskero interact with social channels automatically and help you answer any kind of message in a second.  Keep up with the buzz surrounding your business with Dekero’s unique social search function that allows you to monitor what is said about your own brand, your competitors, and keep up with potential clients.  Gather customer feedback directly from your website through a plug & use widget.  Give your clients the creative freedom to personalize their logo and branded color palette.  Deskero will also simplify your business life by allowing you customize your database and add the fields that you need in your records.

Deskero’s software is all about simplicity.  A flexible and graphically beautiful user interface makes things easy.  There is no need to waste time and money with expensive features that require hours of training.  In today’s world of instant communication Deskero’s social monitor feature gives you day-to-analysis that lets you keep on top of trends in your business.  The software is also suited for any sized company.  The Power Plan lets companies keep up with a significant volume of requests.  Small and medium companies can use the Business Plan to manage their social network requests.  The Social Plan is ideal for the individual social media manager who handles a lot of customers.

Deskero’s software is also about flexibility and affordability.  If your company has 10.000+ tickets a day, then you don’t have to invest in hundreds of agents and complex software.  It can help you avoid hours of training and updates.  It can be an ideal tool for e-commerce because it helps you make your clients feel special and it also has the tools to assist tour operators.  Social Customer Managers will appreciate the all-out service that they can give clients.  Software houses will like the quick and personal answers to customer questions.  No matter what your business is, check out Deskero and see how it can help you give your clients stellar customer service.

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