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An Easier Way to Manage Business Travel Expenses
Business Travel is the second largest controllable expense for most organizations.  Whether you are a law firm or consulting firm, manufacturer or retailer, for-profit or non-profit, you probably have execs, salespeople and account managers, field service teams or other employees who need to travel in order to grow and sustain your business.
Ironically, many organizations have little to no control over their travel spending.  According to the Global Business Travel Association, only 21% of U.S. organizations mandate that employees book through a preferred travel agency.  For the remaining 79%, employees are free to book their business trips through any website, app, or travel agency that they like.
Why, you might ask, do so many organizations take such a loose approach to managing travel costs?  After all, this is a major expense line. 
Some are turned-off by the high fees charged by travel agencies.  Why, they may ask, should we pay an agency to book travel reservations when we can do it online for free?  Others may prefer to use consumer websites, like Expedia or KAYAK, finding them more user-friendly.  And some may feel that they can get better prices on the Internet, by taking advantage of alternative websites like AirBNB, HotWire and Priceline.
If you’re a CFO, how do you let your business travelers take advantage of all these great websites and apps, while getting the reports and controls you need to manage this important expense? 
That’s where TripScanner comes in.  Our solution is designed for organizations that want to manage their travel costs, while giving employees the freedom to choose where and how to book their travel arrangements.

Here’s how TripScanner works:
When an employee needs to book a business trip, they can go on any website or app and make their reservation.  TripScanner obtains the reservation details via email, and gets to work.
Our technology generates real-time reports, so you can monitor your company’s travel spending, have all your employees’ itineraries in one place, and locate employees in case of an emergency. 
TripScanner also checks to ensure that each reservation complies with your organization’s travel policy.  If it doesn’t, we automatically alert you so you can take action.
Best of all, TripScanner helps organizations save money.  For each reservation, we keep searching daily for better prices, and alert the employee if we find one.  That way, they can re-book and save money on flights, hotels, and car rental.  Our data shows that companies can save up to 30% on hotels and 40% on car rentals through this unique system.  Sometimes, employees can even upgrade to a better hotel or car at no extra cost to the company.
Why, you may ask, do companies need any travel management system at all?  Why not simply use your expense management system to control travel costs?
There are a few problems with this approach.  First, there can be a 30-45 day lag between the time of booking a trip and submitting an expense report.  If someone stayed at the Ritz, or booked a first-class flight, it’s too late to do anything about it if you first learn about it a month later. 
Second, organizations are responsible for providing “duty of care” for their employees.  If there’s a hurricane in Florida, you have a responsibility to identify employees traveling to that destination and make sure that they are safe.  Your expense management system only tells you where people have been, not where they are currently.
Finally, there’s the matter of saving money.  Travel managements solutions like TripScanner, as well as traditional travel agencies, offer tools that can reduce your travel costs.  Expense management solutions only tell you what you have already spent.
For all of these reasons, it’s important for organizations to have a travel management system like TripScanner, to control travel spending, drive savings, and ensure employee safety.
To learn more about TripScanner and our simple, flexible approach to travel management, we invite you to check-out our profile on SaaSMAX, or visit our website at www.TripScanner.com.  We also invite SaaSMAX resellers to contact us to learn about our attractive reseller program.
About TripScanner
TripScanner is a travel technology company based in Brooklyn, NY.  It offers a simple, affordable solution that helps companies control their travel spending, while giving employees the freedom to book through any website, app, or travel agency.
Ethan Laub
Founder and CEO, TripScanner
Phone:  (707) 877-6178

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