Excellent Assessment: “Pricing Your SaaS Application in the Cloud”

Here’s a preview of an excellent article that takes the time to thoroughly outline the most common pricing models SaaS Apps are using today.  http://tinyurl.com/4xfumet

Pricing your SaaS Application

 by Shalin  on   22 Apr 2010

“SaaS: Software As A Service has become widely accepted and is a popular choice among businesses. Businesses consuming SaaS applications favour the low upfront cost and zero infrastructure headaches. Also, SaaS applications being deployed online have the advantage of being available anywhere, anytime and even on any platform. Businesses developing software have embraced the SaaS model with open hands. The emergence of Cloud computing, subscription ready payment gateways and success stories of the likes of SalesForce and Google Apps makes it an easy model to follow.

“Clearly SaaS applications have adopted a different pricing model than the traditional one-time license fee based desktop or web applications. There is a definite recurring cost per user in the hosted model that warrants the need for a different pricing approach. You not only provide an app but also manage users data.

“Let’s dive into a few of the popular pricing strategies to understand the available models and what could fit your next SaaS application…. For more click here

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