FaxCore Fax Server – for Powerful, Efficient Management of Incoming & Outgoing Faxes

Ideal for Finance and Healthcare companies with mission critical faxing!
FaxCore enables companies to efficiently manage faxes and the OCR feature makes the content of every fax fully text searchable.  With flexible deployment options and ability to store millions of faxes, it enables companies in the healthcare and finance industries be compliant with regulations. 
Features such as audit trails which document every action performed with every fax, plus optional fax image encryption are leveraged for compliance with HIPAA and the Payment Card Industry (PCI).  It is also popular with academic institutions and transportation companies because it is much more cost effective and efficient than relying on paper and fax machines, and can be integrated with other back-office applications.
The award winning FaxCore fax server is a highly scalable and fault tolerant solution built on a web services architecture, SQL DB, and a browser UI.  The affordable solution starts with two fax lines for $2,000 and can scale to support upwards of 40 million fax pages per month.  Deployment options can be fully cloud-based, Partly-Cloudy with the fax lines in the cloud, or fully premised based.
The Partly-Cloudy configuration leverages the etherFAX service which is best described as a Fax board-in-the-Cloud.  This configuration eliminates the need to use physical servers, fax boards and phone lines.  Instead, the FaxCore software is installed on location, with the customer, or hosted in a datacenter such as Artisan.  According to the FaxCore team, their solution is the first and only fax server built on the Microsoft.NET platform, using 100% web-based browser interfaces. This allows for customers to send and receive faxes anywhere in the world with the same ease and functionality.
FaxCore offers both wholesale and commission-based reseller programs for SaaSMAX Solution Providers, VARs, Agents other Trusted Advisors who promote and sell B2B Cloud and SaaS solutions. For more information on FaxCore, visit their SaaSMAX App Profile. 

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