What Should You look for When Hiring a new Channel Sales Manager?

A recent poll conducted by The Channel Institute determined the five key factors that Channel VPs and Directors look for when hiring a new Channel Sales Manager. Some of the results were surprising.

According to the article, the top five sought after qualities are:

Innovation and Creativity

According to the article, this quality was not highlighted in previous research done by third parties. It makes sense, though. The SaaS/cloud industry landscape changes month-to-month and sometimes more frequently than that.

Employers are looking for people that can figure out an innovative solution to a complex problem on the fly. As the article states, channel chiefs want team members that can “think on their feet.”

Commitment to the Channel

Working within the channel is not the typical sales job and prospective employers realize that. Jobs within the channel require nuisance in understanding complex business planning, relationships and channels themselves.

As the article mentions, prospective candidates can set themselves apart from others by having a specific qualification in channel management or marketing.

Business Acumen

As it turns out, this category covered a wide range of responses. One specifically mentioned by the article is the “understanding of new business drivers.” These drivers include the use of social media, digital co-marketing, AI, etc.

Simply put, ideal candidates need to understand how to leverage new processes and turn them into profit.

Relationship Skills

This should be a no-brainer. Anybody in sales, channel or otherwise, should have strong communication skills. They should be able to listen to and understand their client’s needs, ultimately providing that client with a strong solution.

Flexible Delivery

Channel sales managers are often times thrown into situations where they don’t have control. Within the channel, flexibility often means being able to maintain focus when faced with unpredictable adversary and still deliver results.

Click here to read the full article learn more about what Channel Chiefs are looking for when hiring new prospects.

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