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How QuickTapSurvey Helped SaaSMAX Gather Lead & Customer Data


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We found a SaaS solution to our business problem right when we needed it!

Most of us know the feeling of waiting until the last minute to try to solve a business problem. Somehow it was low in your priority list and then, all of a sudden, the deadline was right in front of you.  But have you ever had the experience of actually finding a great solution that solved your problem, exceeded your expectations, and even saved you money – causing all the stress to dissipate?

That’s what QuickTapSurvey did for SaaSMAX this summer, and we want to send a big THANK YOU to the QuickTapSurvey Team!

We were planning to attend a national IT Channel conference and needed to set up a survey to collect contact details and other data from technology resellers. Our events team was so busy that it overlooked the set-up process. We wanted an easy way to present the survey to attendees and efficiently, reliably collect the results.

This is where QuickTapSurvey stepped in. They had joined SaaSMAX only weeks prior. As a mobile survey & data collection SaaS platform, their software allows businesses to create surveys and gather responses using multiple tablets and smartphones, with or without an Internet connection.

“I have now used QuickTapSurvey during several trade shows and have been very impressed with how easy QuickTapSurvey is to setup and use on our staff’s smartphones and tablets, gathering extremely valuable data,” said Clint Gatewood, SaaSMAX VP Reseller Partnerships.

SaaSMAX was able to set up a survey at the IT Channel conference in just a couple of hours and easily set the permissions so that every team member could administer the survey on their own smartphones or tablets. Learning how to use QuickTapSurvey was as simple as logging in and testing it out… you can’t really break it or tamper with it.  Moreover, you can view the combined and individual results in real-time through many great visual reporting tools, as long as you synchronize the devices with the cloud.

“I was also impressed with the ability to use QuickTapSurvey to conduct surveys without any internet connection, allowing me to sync the data later when I reconnected to the hosted site. I highly recommend QuickTapSurvey to anyone looking to take surveys in high traffic, noisy event locations when connection to the internet is not available,” said Gatewood.

For more information about QuickTapSurvey, visit their profile in the SaaSMAX marketplace.

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