How Renascence IT Consulting is Embracing the New SaaS Paradigm

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Renascence IT Consulting currently serves small business from five to 250 employees. The solution provider is vertical agnostic, and is an early adopter of the MSP (and SaaS) model, according to Kirk Lesser, president at Renascence IT Consulting. “We offer everything from Managed IT services, network, server, email, VoIP, virus/malware protection and removal, disaster prevention and recovery, and support for mobile devices,” Lesser says.

As a Google Apps Solution Provider, being an early adopter has helped Lesser and his company embrace the SaaS paradigm as an early adopter. As an active SaaSMAX solution provider, Lesser says he first discovered the platform through a meeting last year at GSocial with Dina Moskowitz, SaaSMAX Founder and CEO. What drew him to the platform was that it was an alernative way of looking for possible solutions for his clients, who were currently (or not) on Google Apps and could benefit.

“It was good to see that they (SaaSMAX) were different from other platforms, specifically the way they organize data, and how they present it; frankly, it was a lot better than what Google Apps has been doing for their marketplace,” Lesser said. “Also being able to see the App Vendors through better organization of what they offer as a solution, and what the entitlement is for possible commission is another plus.”

As a SaaSMAX and Google Apps solution provider, Lesser hopes to leverage both of these memberships through a variety of mediums. “My goal is to be able to quickly find different solutions for my clients that otherwise might look at other solutions from other vendors and be able to combine that into all in one solution for a client,” he said. “In addition, I think what Dina and her team are doing is great, she is very personable, and always makes sure you understand how things work and how to get everything set up. We are hoping we can build on that relationship down the road.”

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