How to Increase Channel Partner Engagement

Channel Partner Engagement
A recent article on Allbound details a common problem that many vendors face: although they’re fast-growing and their product is attractive, they aren’t making much money from their partner licenses. Thankfully, however, the article gives some valuable insight as to why this might be and how vendors can improve their channel partner programs. Chief among their advice is this:

Stop talking about partner labels.

As the article states, there are quite a few partner types to consider. Vendors, however, may be getting too hung up on the definitions. Rather than determining their worth based on a label (VAR, ISB, systems integrator, etc.), vendors should first consider what those partners are actually doing. Are they reselling, referring, bundling, or integrating? Understanding what each partner does can help the vendor zero in on how, exactly, they’re making their money.

It seems simple on the surface, but engagement with partners on a more personal level is crucial for a healthy partner program and business. The article goes on to discuss the primary things that partners care about business-wise and what vendors should be addressing.

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