Introducing MightyCall Voice & the Fall 2013 Beta Features – Now Available on SaaSMAX

It’s MightyCall Receptionist with a new name, new user interface & new features for you to try.
Don’t worry, current MightyCall Receptionist subscriptions are not changing.  Current phone numbers, greetings, call routing rules, extensions and user accounts all stay the same.  What’s new is the user interface that clients of business users log into, and several new features that we think you will find greatly enhanced.

This week we are enhancing the MightyCall experience to help small businesses provide the best “Contact Us” experience for their customers, including a unique embed-able “Contact Us” page and a fully integrated activity management queue.

There is nothing more frustrating to a customer than to ask for assistance only to be ignored. Businesses don’t usually ignore customers on purpose, but it sometimes happens when too much going on and employees find it hard to keep all of those inbound requests organized.  

MightyCall is stepping in to help solve this problem. This latest release adds some pretty amazing features to what you can already offer to your clients as a small business virtual phone system. Visit this informational page to find out more of the details or watch this video for a three minute overview of the new MightyCall.  

The upgrade to the MightyCall service will take place in the next few days.  Once completed, clients can log in and start taking advantage of these new enhanced features.

For more information, visit MightyCall’s profile on SaaSMAX.

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