Monthly Recurring Revenue–the Best Energy for Your Business

We all know that food gives us energy, and whether are the type that “lives to eat”, or simply just “eats to live,” we still need our daily doses of nourishment to forge ahead. Of course, just like anything else, some foods are just better energy for your body than others. In fact, some things are just downright bad for you (even if they might smell and taste delicious)! In general, one finds it pretty easy to select and eat the right foods for the performance and longevity one craves from one’s body.

In comparing food to business, it’s a similar situation—there are some deals and opportunities that are healthy, and others that while they might smell like a good deal, will turn out to have unhealthy and toxic long-term effects. In essence, your business also survives on food—revenue. If you want a healthy company, you need to feed it the right nutrients. It’s no secret that Pound-per-Pound, monthly recurring revenue (MRR) is the best energy for sustaining and growing your business. Now if only you had a health-food store where you could get what you need to feed your business!

Well, what if you could have all of these things (and more) through SaaSMAX–a VADaaS for SaaS applications and helps solutions providers find, adopt and sell new monthly recurring revenue across any vertical, business model or process?

If this sounds appetizing to you, and you think you might want a taste, then stop by the SaaSMAX MRR buffet (ok, it is actually a live webinar) on July 26th at 1:00 PM Eastern (10am PT) and learn how to feed your business for growth and longevity.

Click here to find out more about where you can consume the best MRR!



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