How ‘Niching’ Can Help Grow Your Business


We recently linked to an article originally found on DevPro Journal that focused on tips for building a successful SaaS. One of the most important points that we gleamed from the article was the necessity of finding a focused, niche market.

Well, it seems that we’re not the only ones that wish to emphasize that point.

An article recently published on Channel Futures details the benefits and importance of ‘niching’. When defining what exactly that is, the author, Nate Freedman, describes it by stating, “It represents something that nobody does in quite the same way you do.”

Freedman goes on to describe how niching was a successful method for one his clients, an MSP. The client was having trouble generating leads through their website, despite attempting almost  every method in the book. Nothing stuck.

The company then sat down to examine and focus on the clients with whom they had the best relationship with. The MSP learned key insights about a specific group of their clientele and were able to refocus their messaging.

It worked. According to the article, the MSP was able to generate a massive amount of traffic as a result.

Indeed, we have seen similar results with our vendor clients. Despite having a great offering, some vendors may not be 100% sure of the industries and markets that they want to target.

However, once we work with a vendor to find out exactly what problem their product solves and exactly what market they should be focusing on, our ability to successfully market them to resellers dramatically increases.

If you know your product, the market for it will become clear.

Click here to read Nate Freedman’s original article and find out how niching can benefit you.

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