Pearls of SaaSdom on Thanksgiving

By Dina Moskowitz, CEO, SaaSMAX Corp.

For the past several days I’ve been receiving dozens of emails containing thanks and expressions of gratitude, leveraging this holiday to create goodwill and customer engagement. It’s all good, mostly sincere, and candidly it’s a nice break from the regular eblasts and sales pitches.

So I was thinking about how we can express our gratitude in a meaningful way that is more than just a “thanks”. So much of what SaaSMAX does as a business requires good faith, trust and gratitude, because the value we provide stems from building relationships and creating partnerships for our SaaS Vendors, Resellers and other Partnerships. So I thought, why not create a list of the “Pearls of SaaSdom for Successful Partnerships” which will help Vendors and Resellers appreciate each other more.

Here are a few Pearls of SaaSdom, and I invite you to add yours!

1.  Successful Channel Partnerships develop when BOTH Vendor and Reseller Partner make the time to personally connect, listen, learn and treat each other respectfully.

2.  Successful SaaS Channel Partnerships don’t happen “overnight” – they must be nurtured over time.

3. Successful SaaS Channel Partnerships require that the SaaS Vendor regularly keep its Partners up to date, informed and reminded about the product, the commissions and incentives.

4. Successful SaaS Channel Partnerships require that the Reseller Partner takes the time up front to understand a SaaS application (it doesn’t take long) and how its better and differentiated from other choices. SaaS applications are typically developed by companies who start with domain expertise and want to improve processes or functionality within a vertical or horizontal process. Take the time to figure out what makes a SaaS great so that it comes to mind when you are working with existing and new clients.

Cheers to a SaaSy Thanksgiving!

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  1. Great points, Dina. When it comes to the channel, we all know the 80/20 or even 90/10 rule applies. The challenge is that you don't know which new partners will comprise the 10% of real producers. All deserve respect and support out of the gate. Channel managers: don't make your potential partners have to chase you. This is becoming a challenge in this industry. There is no better place to be than the channel. Harness it!

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