Recorded Webinar: “Under the Hood” with Spinbackup

Data Leaks and Data Loss.

These are two of the biggest fears in all of computing, especially cloud computing. The solution to this problem is exceptional cloud cybersecurity, and efficient cloud-to-cloud backup. Each by itself is important, but both work far more effectively when they come together.

Learn more about Spinbackup by listening to the on-demand version of this “Under-the-Hood” webinar produced and hosted by SaaSMAX just for solution providers like you.

  • Check out Spinbackup’s innovative automated ransomware protection
  • Take a look at Spinbackup’s Unified Dashboard for data loss and data leak protection
  • Learn about 24/7 support available from Spinbackup

For more information about reselling SpinBackup, click here and login as a SaaSMAX Reseller.

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