What Does it Mean to Register with SaaSMAX as a Channel Partner?

channel partnerAs a reseller, why should you consider SaaSMAX?

As stated on our about reseller page, SaaSMAX is your SaaS “concierge”. We give you access to a huge marketplace of B2B Cloud Software products that you can sell to clients. These SaaS companies are constantly on the lookout for the right Channel Partners to do business with and many of them pay generous, recurring revenue commissions.

However, besides providing your organization’s contact details and business focus for future collaboration with SaaSMAX, what else do you, the channel partner, receive? When I introduce new channel partners to SaaSMAX, how do I describe why we should work together?

SaaSMAX is not selling you anything.

As members of the SaaSMAX SaaS/Cloud Strategy Team acting as your Trusted Advisor, we keep you abreast of the latest solutions and trends in the world of SaaS. SaaS/Cloud Strategists like myself work as part of your team, bringing our years of experience to bear in advising on product bundles/stacks and service packages around those bundles. I focus on becoming your business strategy partner, training and encouraging innovative vendor programs to assist you in getting new clients. Ultimately, we are all dedicated to helping you enter new markets.

You get access to the SaaSMAX Marketplace.

Your access to the SaaSMAX MarketPlace provides your organization a curated catalog of channel-friendly SaaS applications to generate Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). The SaaS/Cloud Strategists focus our work on getting you and your organization in front of innovative, channel-friendly vendors suited to your business model, processes, expertise and client bases.

You’ll collaborate with a team that knows your business.

The SaaSMAX SaaS/Cloud Strategy Team knows your business and we prove it by combining our industry experience with your company’s own “digital footprint”. Your organization’s digital footprint, produced by SaaSMAX PartnerOptimizer, presents information about how the world views your company when they search for solution providers. This digital footprint, which we provide to you, includes the following details:

  • Number of web pages in your public-facing domain
  • Type(s) of Solution Provider
  • Solutions and services offered
  • Industry Sectors served
  • Product Types, Names and Vendors sold and partnered with
  • Customer Types and sizes served
  • Your company’s details (location, contact)

All this information is great for starting our engagement, but nothing really happens until we consult with you, the channel partner. Our goal is to come to an understanding of what your business and client strategy is now and in the future. This collaboration allows us both to identify models, processes, clients and vendors that target where your business will go next.

The SaaSMAX SaaS/Cloud Strategy Team is waiting to engage with you — simply register to get started.

Allen Hoke is a high-performing Partner and Channel Sales Executive, currently working as a SaaS/Cloud Channel Strategist at SaaSMAX.

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