SaaSMAX Adds a Diverse Mix of New App Vendors, Solution Providers

TGIF and Happy Friday! For those of you on the West Coast and just starting your day, such as we are at SaaSMAX headquarters here in San Diego, we have some cool end-of-week-news to share! We had a fabulous week in terms of new members who have joined us in Alpha. We have added a PM app, and Solution Providers in the Midwest and San Francisco. In addition, three more SaaS apps have requested to join our marketplace, kicking off our membership already for next week!

Since our two newest solution providers are based in San Francisco and the Midwest, we are excited that SaaSMAX is extending its reach nationally across the United States. Adding to our diversity is that the Apps who have requested to join us in Alpha specialize in a variety of technologies such as unified communication tools, competitive intelligence online and CRM. Also, remember that there is no Annual Membership Fee to join SaaSMAX during Alpha, and those who join during this stage will have their annual membership fee waived for 12 months beginning on the date SaaSMAX officially launches.

For more information on how you can become part of this exciting new marketplace, go to, or contact us at 858.356.2790.

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