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SaaSMAX Channel Tip #6: Short Term & Long Term Reseller Motivation Tactics


Here’s another strategic tip from the SaaSMAX Channel Marketing Team:

Short Term & Long Term Reseller Motivation Tactics

When you’re planning out incentives to keep your Resellers motivated, keep these things in mind:

Short Term 

Use short term strategies to jump start your reseller relationships and introduce new products

  • Special Incentives (SPIFFs) and awards will generate immediate but short term results
  • As soon as the next SPIFF is announced from another vendor, yours will be forgotten


Long Term

Use long term strategies to grow sales

  • Giving your Resellers a NFR (“not for resale”) license of your products ensures that they’re using and getting to know your SaaS.  Resellers refer what they know and like.
  • Training (short and long-term) develops loyalty, deep product knowledge and becomes the core of reseller revenue generation.

         – SaaSMAX Channel CMO – Ted “Chanimal” Finch

For more motivation strategies and tips, or if you need assistance with your SaaSMAX account, feel free to reach out any time!

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