SecureFLO: A SaaSMAX Case Study

The Challenge

Reseller channel companies are always looking to grow their businesses, better support clients and deliver valuable world class products/service. The main challenge facing most of these companies is time. Time to spend researching new products, keeping up on industry developments, productizing new services and selling. Most of them live working in their business and find little time to work on their business.

“Over the course of a week, I find I get 4-5 vendors calling me wanting SecureFLO to sell their products,” says Jyotin Gambhir, Founder & CEO of SecureFLO. “Most all of them jump right into how they are the best product out there and want to show me a demonstration. They don’t even take the time to find out who SecureFLO is, what we do and even if their product meets the business’ needs or my clients. Suffice it to say, it is a short call.”

“We always want to be cutting edge and deliver the best products we can working with the best vendors we can,” explains Jyotin, “However, we are constantly taking care of our clients, doing time sensitive projects or I am handling the business end as CEO, CFO, CIO, Accountant as well as consultant and technician. Unfortunately, I don’t have time to speak with vendors who don’t know anything about my business or my clients.”

The Solution

Knowing that SaaS & Cloud are growing swiftly and taking over many aspects that his business traditional handled, Jyotin knew he had to start adopting more and more SaaS. However, he found that doing a search, talking to traditional distribution or using developing, marketing places were confusing and didn’t provide him a good forum to learn which SaaS products met his business model or his clients’ needs.  Most of the companies he spoke to didn’t know how to help him drive revenue, either.

Then SaaSMAX Called.

At first, Jyotin was skeptical. “Just another marketplace or quasi distributor,” he thought, but then the magic starting happening.

“SaaSMAX understood my business model immediately. Then they started to set what they call “Curated Vendor Meetings,” recalls Jyotin, “Each vendor they introduced me to were perfect fits for my business. I have adopted them all!”

After working four months with SaaSMAX, SecureFLO has adopted four SaaS products, considering several more, is launching two new service offering and participating in a Curated End Client Meeting program with SaaSMAX called CAP.

“My entire business outlook for 2018 has changed significantly since I have started working with SaaSMAX and their vendors. I am looking at explosive growth over the rest of 2018,” exclaims Jyotin.

About SaaSMAX

For any reseller, IT services company, consultant, or advisor, SaaSMAX is much more than a simple distributor or marketplace.

The SaaSMAX SaaS/Cloud Strategy Team has decades of experience in working with channels with in-depth knowledge and expertise in channel partner business models and how they make money. The team helps hundreds of channel partners drive new recurring revenue on a daily basis.

“The SaaSMAX SaaS/Cloud Strategist team has become my trusted advisor, consult, RD team and go to partner when I need more SaaS/Cloud offers,” Says Jyotin.


“SecureFLO provides Security as a Service (SECaaS). We take a risk-based approach to managing security of your enterprise. What does that mean to you? We are here to understand your business use case, and address it using people, process, and technology. We are your security and compliance partner and advisor. Security is broad and has various aspects to it. We provide consulting services and point solutions that are managed by us in the cloud. You do not need to worry about hiring skilled security professionals, we will work with you to deploy and manage.

We are here to Listen, Learn, and Innovate on your data security concerns.”

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