SessionCam by ServiceTick Is Now Available on SaaSMAX

SessionCama SaaS App by ServiceTick, provides website owners with unrivaled, and visible web analytics – including full session recording and replay, heat-maps and conversion analysis.

With the number of websites increasing at an astronomical rate, there are more and more people wanting to buy services that will allow them to measure and improve site performance. SessionCam delivers an instant opportunity for significant improvement. Once website owners have tried SessionCam, they are unlikely to give it up! That’s why reselling SessionCam is great news for you, because you will earn a regular income that grows and grows each month as more people sign up. Best of all, SessionCam is perfect for almost any sector or business size, with both non-profits and for-profit companies.

To view SessionCam’s profile as well as other Apps on SaaSMAX, visit:

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