Should you Trust your Data Security with SaaS Companies?

Data Security

With stories of breaches dominating headline news, data security has become a top priority now more than ever. This is especially true when it comes to cloud services: organizations are wondering if their valuable data is safe in the hands of SaaS companies.

However, an article recently posted on Diginomica points out that your organization’s data may actually be safer in the hands of a SaaS-based company than it is with you.


Per the article, reputable (this is key) SaaS companies care deeply about security. They must in order to be considered valuable and survive within the market. Quite simply, nobody wants to do business with a company they can’t trust.

The article continues to state that while security is often important for most corporations, “it is not a core aspect of their business’s cultural DNA.” And, many times, data security isn’t discussed at all at the highest levels until there is a breach. Contrast this with many SaaS-based companies where security is often a key part of their strategy.

The key is reputability.

The article poses some questions that you should ask yourself before trusting a SaaS-based business with your data. At the top of the list is whether-or-not the business is a native SaaS company. Per the article, native SaaS companies have a tighter focus on security DNA than those that have wider offerings beyond SaaS.

Click here to read the full article and find out what you should be asking yourself when trusting cloud-based companies with your data.

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