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Tracking Down Information in the Workplace

Businesses are no longer simple. Most companies, especially enterprise companies, operate off a massive cache of information shared between employees. This is especially true when your clients work in an industry that has specific compliancy regulations in place (Healthcare, Financial, Telecommunications, etc.). Additionally, that cache of information is often split between multiple departments.

A successful company relies on collaboration between associates. Collaboration can be difficult, though, when necessary knowledge is kept in multiple, disconnected “silos”. Ever spend valuable time hunting across departments for a key piece of information?

It gets more difficult when you consider that many workplaces utilize multiple productivity apps like Slack, Salesforce and Sharepoint. One department may utilize Slack while another doesn’t, compounding the amount of time wasted. Worse still is when information hasn’t been stored anywhere at all and is no longer available. What if a long-term employee leaves and takes their valuable knowledge with them?

Unfortunately, most workplace knowledge is informal, meaning that it doesn’t get shared or catalogued in any database. In fact, only 35% of employees catalogue their knowledge within a formal system. This percentage decreases as employees age as well.

In these types of situations, utilizing a Learning Management Solution (LMS) can be beneficial as a tool for organizing formal knowledge. However, many LMS systems lack crucial features (like mobile enablement) and do not solve the informal knowledge problem. They don’t have a way to easily integrate or update employee knowledge. Additionally, those systems often lack any sort of direct messaging functionality, complicating access to otherwise unavailable information.braidio

The Solution

Your clients need an easily scalable solution that can catalogue crucial data while allowing employees to communicate and collaborate on the fly. Braidio has developed the answer.

Braidio’s WorkStream solution was designed to give workplaces easy access to information and communication from a simple, customizable dashboard. Their product allows businesses to store valuable learning material in a centralized location that is accessible from any device.

One issue with knowledge databases is that certain information available may not be relevant to everybody else within the company. A business utilizing Braidio can individualize workstreams, tailoring them for specific departments and employees. An associate in the marketing department can make sure that their dashboard is filled with material that is most relevant to them at any given time.

What if that marketing associate has an accounting or sales related question? WorkStream’s search function ensures that the information they need is just a few keywords away. But what if they can’t find what they’re looking for? Easy. Braidio incorporates chat and messaging into their solution, allowing employees from any department at any location to talk to each other in the moment.

How Braidio Sets Themselves Apart

Braidio’s WorkStream app has the ability to capture and index questions and information in real time. If future associates have the same questions as their predecessors, they can simply search to find answers gleamed from previous conversations. Every interaction is catalogued so nothing gets lost.

While WorkStreams offers all the benefits of an LMS solution, Braidio’s app is far more capable. Positioning their product as a Workplace Intelligence Platform, Braidio’s solution integrates multiple third-party solutions and is enabled for mobile devices, making it versatile and highly functional.

Additionally, traditional on-site solutions can often take a lot of time to implement.  As Braidio’s product is cloud-based, their roll-out time is far shorter. According to a case study published by Braidio, they were able to roll out a solution for a home and lifestyle retail brand in under a week across multiple locations.braidio

Final Thoughts

Knowledge and inter-departmental communication are a company’s two most valuable assets. Through WorkStreams, Braidio has developed a smart and lean solution that allows growing businesses to capitalize on their intellectual resources. Braidio’s solutions are an easy way for businesses to educate new employees, connect existing ones and streamline workloads.

Interested in learning more about what Braidio can do for your clients? Contact SaaSMAX’s Channel Strategy Team today for more information or visit their marketplace profile.

Alastor Vyohr is a Colorado based writer and editor, presently working as SaaSMAX's Content Developer.

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