SSH Communication Security Forms Partnership with Avancer Corp.

Cyber security company SSH Communications Security has joined with, a multi-system integrator focusing on Identity and Access Management (IAM) Technology. The partnership is designed to help in strengthening security aspect of SSH Key by bringing Identity and Access Management dynamics into existing SSH key driven IT Systems.
“With an increasing number of customers experiencing breaches because of mismanagement of SSH keys, CISOs and IAM security teams need complete visibility into the increased threat surface enabled by SSH keys within their environments,” said Andrew Hammond, Vice President of Business Development at SSH. He added that the Avancer partnership will bring customers the best of breed product and services to keep SSH key management from becoming a cybersecurity risk that gets out of control.

Speaking about the partnership, Arun Mehta, CEO of Avancer Corporation said, “this partnership is a stepping stone for Avancer as we aim to grow into the cyber-security domain. Avancer has partnered with SSH Communications Security to widen the security umbrella and strategically align cyber security considerations with Identity and Access Management processes. We will enable our customers to meet compliance requirements, improve their security posture and save operational costs.”

Rajesh Mittal, CTO of Avancer Corporation points out that many organizations report varied issues related to SSH keys, including no record of available keys, no provisioning and termination processes in place for key-based access and system administrators permanent key-based access is governed without policies, processes, or oversight. This calls for generating knowledge of SSH security related vulnerabilities. As there has been a greater understanding of dealing with SSH Security issues, we can collaborate and discuss your organization specific SSH challenges.

SSH Protocol is a widely deployed facility for establishing encrypted connections, with changing security dynamics it is important to align SSH security with IAM. This will help in creating a reliable authentication mechanism and prevent keys from being used to circumvent controls that exist for the password based logons.

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