Using Hashtags Effectively in Business

Social media has become a common yet essential building block for those wishing to market their business online. Despite most people understanding the importance of social media marketing, many struggle with using hashtags effectively within their posts.

A recent post on Hera Herald compiles a list of articles that detail various ways for marketers to improve their use of hashtags.

Among the posts listed, there are a couple that stood out:

Hashtag Generator: The Foolproof Way to Get Your Business Noticed

This post gives a list of do’s and do not’s for using hashtags. Among all of the tips given, there is a common theme within them: research your hashtags. It is not enough to use common, popular hashtags within your industry. Take your time, do some searching and find out specific terms that relate to what you’re posting about. Additionally, be careful about the amount that you use. This can vary depending on the platform that you use, but for Twitter, two or three specifically tailored hashtags are typically better than a long list of popular yet general ones.

How to Find the Right Hashtags for Your Business

This post outlines some great ways to strategize and search for hashtags that are relevant and useful to your business. An overarching but key takeaway from this post revolves around knowing what hashtags others are using. From your competition to industry thought leaders, stay on top, stay ahead and (once again) do your research.

The use of hashtags can be an effective way of creating discussions within your community while getting the topics you post about to trend. They can expose your business to a wider audience. However, you have to know how to use them.

Check out the full list and learn how to improve your marketing by using hashtags effectively.

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