When it comes to G Suite Cybersecurity Solutions, Spinbackup has a Global Reach

As a global company with clients throughout the world, Spinbackup is one of the newest vendor apps to join the SaaSMAX family. While they have a global reach, Spinbackup has a core focus on mainly the U.S., U.K., Canadian and Australian markets, offering cloud-to-Cloud Backup and Cloud Cybersecurity solutions for G Suite.

The company’s main product focuses on SMBs, educational, and enterprise organizations looking to safeguard themselves against Data Leak and Data Loss disasters in the cloud. Spinbackup helps to alleviate these potential issues by backing up company data to a secure cloud and alerting G Suite Administrators with potential insider threats and business risks.

Spinbackup typically focuses on SMBs with approximately 50-250 end users in the G Suite domain. However, the backup and cybersecurity solution provider does branch beyond the SMB, SME set by working with educational organizations using Google for Education, as well as high-tech enterprise level companies with more than 400 end users.

As a customer-service-oriented company, Spinbackup strives to maintain this offering to its clients, especially in the sometimes murky cybersecurity waters, which can often lead to tremendous financial and data loss if not safeguarded properly. That’s why Spinbackup feels that the most important features a SaaS app must have are: great customer support, a solid market reputation and positive client reviews. This also can be said about how the company works to overcome adoption with cloud apps. When it comes to businesses who are thinking of moving to the Cloud, Spinbackup recommends they do this now because of times changing and many companies, both SMB and enterprise—are moving to the Cloud for better Security.

Click here for more information on Spinbackup, and to find out more about their SaaSMAX Marketplace.

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