When Will “The Cloud” Dissipate?

the cloud network

“Cloud Growth, “Cloud Adoption,” “Cloud Transformation,” etc.

Right now, your social media feeds and inboxes are likely filled with content littered with “cloud” related buzzwords. This shouldn’t be surprising. The market for cloud-based services is presently on fire and doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Despite the growth, SaaS based products are still the “new thing”. Many businesses are hesitant to adopt them with questions arising about security and privacy issues. Others are simply unwilling to invest the time it takes to overhaul their entire infrastructure.

Here’s a question: Will we ever reach a point where cloud software is so commonly used that saying “the cloud” will become passé? When will that be?

According to this article, a significant chunk of UK-based IT decision makers seem to think that the term could be obsolete by 2025. Additionally, the article states, “Of the 26% who believe the term cloud will be obsolete by 2025, more than half (56%) see cloud technology as being so embedded in the enterprise that it will no longer be seen as a separate term.”

One issue with the term is that it has become far too general. These days, just saying that something is “cloud technology” or that it’s on “the cloud” is no longer enough. When somebody states that they’re using cloud technology, do they mean SaaS, PaaS, IaaS or DaaS? The list goes on.

Do you still consider “the cloud” to be its own, separate entity? Has your business begun to adopt SaaS technology? If not, do they have a plan to do so?

Click here to read the full article originally found on Cloud Tech.

Alastor Vyohr is a Colorado based writer and editor, presently working as SaaSMAX's Content Developer.

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