Why SaaS Makes Sense in the Telecom World

SaaSMAX recently spoke with Jeff Leshin, VP of Business Development, at Sandler Partners, a direct telecom agent, based in Manhattan Beach, CA. When we had the chance to catch up with Leshin, he had just returned from Las Vegas, having attended the Channel Partners Expo and Conference. The main focus of our conversation with him was we wanted to know how a company such as Sandler Partners benefits from business adoption of SaaS and Cloud Apps, and how Sandler can provide SaaSMAX Solution Providers with new opportunities.

According to Leshin, Sandler Partners currently has relationships with about 60 telecom carriers, enabling Sandler to offer reseller opportunities for bandwidth, VoIP, wireless and other telecom services nationwide.  He added that Sandler has about 1,400 partners nationally, which comprises VARs, resellers, solution providers, system integrators, and consulting shops. Some could also be referral partners.

So how can business adoption of SaaS and Cloud Apps benefit Sandler Partners? Specifically, Leshin says “As companies use more SaaS and Cloud Apps, they need more bandwidth if they want to keep things running at the speed they are used to.  As Solution Providers such as Google Apps Resellers help their business customers adopt cloud-based business processes, many don’t have the telecom business relationships or product expertise that Sandler has within the telecom world.” 

Leshin says he first became aware of SaaSMAX by admittedly doing more networking in areas outside of the traditional telecom world. He says he connected with SaaSMAX CEO and Founder Dina Moskowitz on a LinkedIN forum, and the conversation about SaaS opportunities started from there, after a few email exchanges. “After I initially started speaking with Dina, we set up a call a few months ago and started talking,” he says. “We had never met in person, but once we started talking, we hit it off. When she told me what she was doing with SaaSMAX, I realized it was a great fit for both of us, and it is a revenue-generator for both companies.”

After his initial conversation with Dina, Leshin says what also drew him to SaaSMAX was its understanding of (and relationships with) parties in the Google ecosystem, which is something he wanted to learn more about. “For me, I am not as familiar with the Google ecosystem as I would like to be, but after speaking with Dina, it seemed like a natural new community for us, and I see a lot of potential in the telecom services side there,” he says. “A lot of SaaSMAX’s members, which include Google App Resellers and third-party Google App Vendors, need what we do, and they were simply just going to the carriers, instead of looking for a strategic, solid revenue stream.”

One of the ways that Leshin hopes to accomplish this mutually beneficial relationship with Solution Providers is through his integration with SaaSMAX platform. “Through Sandler’s partner relationship with SaaSMAX, our solution providers can now extend their trusted advisor role with their customers and earn additional sources of residual income,” says Moskowitz.

Leshin adds that he also got a general good feeling about SaaSMAX, after speaking to both Dina and her team. “I like doing business with people that I get a good impression from,” he says. “I felt good about them and thought they have a lot of potential about what they are doing. Moreover, it is getting to know a whole new group of folks and learn about what they are doing, and I will learn with them, and we can big a value add for what they are trying to do; I feel this could be a great opportunity for both of us long term.”

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  1. SaaS will change and challenge traditional channels and bring new competition to Vars from Telcos. MSP's, ISP's and likely new channels we today do not consider as IT supply channels.

    SaaSmax will enable new channels to find and engage with cloud vendors in an effective and appropriate manner and challenge the norm in distribution and 2 tier partnerships as we have traditionally known them.

    Ian Moyse

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