WiseSaaS of the Week: IRONSCALES “Automated Phishing Response”

It’s been a busy week for IRONSCALES, one of the newest Apps to join our SaaSMAX marketplace. The app, which is designed to combat online email phishing attacks, was mentioned in the technology media three times on the same day. Here’s a brief round-up of the coverage:

  • IT education media Web site Techopedia, featured IRONSCALES Founder and CEO, Eyal Benishti in its selection of what’s in store for cybersecurity this year. As an industry expert, Benshti offered that “The next-generation ransomware will go main stream.” He added in part that this is because of the “great success and monetization from ransom attacks in 2016.” Therefore, he noted, “we expect to see a new generation of ransomware that is much more sophisticated with higher ransom demands (more than $1million for a single attack) in 2017. In total, we believe damages will be more than $1 billion.”
  • CB Insights featured IRONSCALES as one of its “10 Email Security Startups to Watch in 2017.” According to the data company, IRONSCALES was one of the 10 startups chosen because of both their “non-financial and financial signals” related to long-term company health, as well as its ability to raise at least $1million worth of funding.
  • IT media site Dark Reading posted a blog written by IRONSCALES Founder and CEO Eyal Benishti discussing “The Limitations of Phishing Education.” In the post, Benshti talks about how the IT industy needs to up its game when it comes to cybersecurity education. “…Phishing education has proved beneficial only to a certain extent. The reality is that the imperfection of humans makes it all but impossible for us to teach everyone how to spot and avoid phishing — and if phishing efforts aren’t detected and eliminated fast enough, someone eventually will click, and then it’s game over.”


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Multiple Business Verticals, SMB to Enterprise. Private, public and Gov. Preferably would have suffered the pain and challenge of the problem we’re solving. Enterprises with overloaded SOC teams or SMB’s who would gladly welcome a virtual SOC member, dedicated to protecting them from Email Phishing attacks.

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