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WiseSaaS of the Week: LastPass Enterprise


LastPass Enterprise is a browser-based, password solution that allows your clients’ organizations to transform security at an entry level and enforce meaningful password policies. The app grants users the ability to store every password they have into a single vault. Employees no longer need to waste valuable time trying to hunt down lost passwords.

Additionally, LastPass gives shared access to accounts for users within an organization without revealing passwords to other users. Admins can easily customize their security, allowing them to manage privileged access between accounts and set custom requirements (like enforcing account logoff after inactivity). This ensures that LastPass will be able to meet the unique security needs of any organization.

To achieve complete security within the cloud, LastPass implements a combination of AES-256 bit encryption with PBKDF2 SHA-256, salted hashes and multifactor authentication. LastPass is also SOC 2 certified and regularly audited.

Target Customers

Any organization or business that feels the need to improve their security. LastPass Enterprise can benefit everybody from small offices to medium and large enterprises.

Reseller Program

LastPass Enterprise offers affiliate, commission and wholesale models to partners. To find out more, check out LastPass’ marketplace profile.

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