WiseSaaS of the Week: The Sellr Marketing Platform

Sellr Marketing Platform


The Sellr Marketing Platform provides retail staff and customers with valuable product info needed to make informed purchasing decisions. Sellr focuses their Partner Program on two product verticals: adult beverage and vitamins & supplements/OTC medicine retailers. These categories encompass a wide range of potential clients including 41,000+ beverage retailers, grocery, c-Store chains, super stores and more.

Sellr’s platform simplifies and automates in-store and online product promotions with the ability to push promotions to Sellr-enabled digital signage, interactive tablets, websites, and social media channels.

Retailers will have access to Sellr’s Product Library, which contains over 135,000 items with high-quality images, detailed descriptions, tasting notes and pairing information. Using the Product Library, retailers can quickly promote products to all their marketing channels with automatically generated ads while providing valuable insight to consumers.

Target Customers

Sellr primarily targets retail liquor, wine & beer stores, grocery stores, specialty retailers, vitamins & supplement retailers, deli and C-Stores.

Reseller Program

Sellr offers a wholesale model with recurring, highly competitive margins. Additionally, they offer an extra 10% jump-start margin for all registered deals within the first 90 days.

To learn more, check out their product and partner program profile.

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