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V2 Cloud


V2 Cloud is a Cloud Workspace app designed to allow businesses the ability to virtualize and host their internal servers and desktops in a single location. Their workspace solutions are offered in both Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 flavors.

A great aspect of V2 Cloud is its accessibility and ease-of-use. Businesses can add up to 250 users per Cloud Workspace and access the workspace from any location and any device. Those users can share files and applications with others on the same workspace. Additionally, admins can configure access levels for various users and see detailed analytics on their usage.


On the security front, V2 Cloud uses a 3-layer firewall with a private, internal network, DDOS protection, two-factor authentication, a managed antivirus system and consistent security updates.

V2 Cloud also performs a daily backup of your workspace that is kept in a secure, ransomware proof, offline location. Workspaces are fully redundant and mirrored to another location in case your primary workspace encounters issues.

Target Customers

V2 Cloud primarily targets software vendors and SMBs, including accounting, engineering, insurance, medical practices, consulting, financial and law firms.

Reseller Program

V2 Cloud offers various affiliate, commission, wholesale and white label models. They offer volume discounts for both IT firms and resellers.

We were looking for a solution to bring our cloud based windows software client into a virtualized environment to create a beautiful and most importantly functional HTML5 experience. We’ve demoed several different solutions, and all of them lacked a user experience that we demanded and the commitment from the leadership to support it after it was enhanced. Matt and his team worked with us until we were satisfied with the user experience, and continued innovating the solution to get it beyond what we imagined. We believe that V2 Cloud is the only solution on the market that is capable of creating a true web based experience for a windows application. — Igor Shoskin, CEO of Shopping Cart Elite

For more info on V2 Cloud, check out their SaaSMAX marketplace profile.

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