Announcing Blissfully 2.0! Your Key to SaaS Bliss

Aaron and I started Blissfully about 3 years ago when we saw how the explosion of SaaS adoption was changing IT, and how companies were run.

This dramatic change produced a new challenge: org-wide SaaS visibility. Without that visibility, it’s too easy for companies to waste time, waste money, and create security risks. Left unmanaged, this constantly changing landscape of people and apps leads to SaaS chaos.

Today we’re excited to announce Blissfully 2.0, with more complete functionality than ever before to help growing companies manage SaaS.

The full Blissfully platform provides:

  • Automatic and complete detection of all apps
  • Usage and spend tracking, by tool and by team
  • Vendor management tools to ensure you never miss a renewal or get caught by surprise during a negotiation
  • Insights and reporting on your app environment
  • Employee & Vendor workflows to manage SaaS changes and related tasks
  • IT automations to save time, money and sanity
  • Complete audit trails for any compliance review (GDPR, SOC 2, ISO 27001, etc.)
  • A massive database of SaaS apps including compliance status
  • And many more features to wrangle the chaos

You can read full details on our completely refreshed website at, and enjoy our new overview video:

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Ariel Diaz


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