App Vendors: Did You Know The Cost of In-House Channel Resources Could Be this High?

The definition of external sales channel moves beyond traditional Resellers, VARs, Systems Integrators and IT Consultants.  Influencers include other consultant types (HR, Accounting, Legal, Project Management, Operational Consultants, etc.) as well as social media and Marketplaces.  The term Solution Provider is used in this white paper to encapsulate this expanding group of sales professionals.

In fact, a recent SaaS Softletter Report indicated that the (202) CXOs surveyed confirm their use of VARs increased by at least 10% from 2011 to 2012, and that at least 12% of those firms are considering adding VARs to their infrastructure. 

External sales teams expect ISVs to establish a team of channel experts to support them.  This team typically consists of the resources listed below.  Although there may be some positions which could own responsibility for both internal and external resources, volumes may dictate the need for several people in each of those roles.  The size of the organization will be dependent on the extent of fully embracing the channel, the size of your channel as well as revenue and volume objectives.

The use of SaaSMAX’s channel management tools are designed to mitigate the expense of employing as many resources by reducing the obstacles of managing multiple contracts. The platform also provides marketplace exposure and reseller recruitment opportunities, deal management tools that reduce channel conflict and commission management and aggregation tools.

Currently in beta, SaaSMAX is recruiting strategic-thinking Solution Providers who are embracing SaaS as part of their business model and want to profit from the recurring revenue commission models of SaaS Apps participating in SaaSMAX. As well, during beta SaaSMAX is selectively recruiting best of breed SaaS Apps to comprise a well-rounded critical mass of business and IT SaaS solutions.

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