Big Week So Far for Newly Released SaaS Apps

It’s only Tuesday, and so far, we can report that the SaaS market is moving along with three app releases from Kerio Technologies, Surge and BlazeMeter – all of which like SaaSMAX, represent a variety of technologies within diverse vertical markets. Today, for example, Kerio Technologies introduced a SaaS initiative to expand cloud options for its partners. The program will allow partners to provide Kerio’s secure software to their clients as an on demand service, while generating a monthly recurring revenue stream with a simple pricing model.

Yesterday, software consulting firm Surge delivered a new SaaS product for workforce development, known as AspirePath, LLC. This new software product is designed for workforce development, training, and education organizations.

To execute the product, Surge provided full life-cycle software development services, including design, development, testing, deployment, and support. AspirePath was built on the Surge Platform, a framework and code library that simplifies the development of rich, responsive, web, mobile, and tablet applications using MVC, jQuery, JSON, HTML 5 and other technologies.

In addition, late last week BlazeMeter said it has secured $1.2 million in Series A funding from YL Ventures and launched the first cloud service for load and performance testing powerful enough to perform enterprise-grade load testing. Based on the popular Apache JMeter open source project, BlazeMeter is delivered as a self-service web application for developers and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals providing a comprehensive easy-to-use load and performance testing solution that can simulate and report on even the most complex load testing requirements and environments.

BlazeMeter alters the economics of load testing by providing a self-service system that allows users to pay only for consumption. Opt for “pay as you go,” priced at $8 per server hour or select a subscription package based on individual testing needs.

The release of these new apps undoubtedly echo a report that was released recently by IDC, which stated that “[In 2012,] 80% of new commercial enterprise apps will be deployed on cloud platforms.” With a number this high, why not consider, either as an App Vendor or a Solution Provider, a demo of the SaaSMAX platform, which speaks to directly provide a resource related to this trend? Each Tuesday, SaaSMAX Beta holds introductory webinars for Solution Providers requesting Beta participation on Tuesdays 9am PST and Thursdays 1pm PST. To sign up, email us at: or call 858-356-2790. You can also request to join beta via

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