Channel Marketer Report: “Heather Margolis: It’s Time To Think Differently About Partner Demand Generation”

This post features some important excerpts from the article posted on December 5, 2019 by Terry Moffatt in  Click the link to access the complete article.

Heather K. Margolis, founder and CEO of Channel Maven, is a renowned member of the channel marketing vanguard. At companies including EMC, EqualLogic and Dell, she spearheaded initiatives that resulted in smarter channel programs. For more than a decade, Channel Maven has been a go-to provider of strategic channel marketing communications to channel and Partner demand generation services.

During a recent conversation with Channel Marketer Report (CMR), Margolis shared her thoughts on why vendors need to take a different approach to aligning their to-, through-, and with-partner marketing programs with partner-initiated activities…

CMR — What can Vendors do better? 

Heather Margolis — Vendors need to educate Partners around the right way to do demand generation. How to use videos, podcasts, short webinars from their marketing leaders talking at the Partners’ level. Don’t talk about things that will certainly be out of their budget. Think like an SMB that does well already and what they might be willing to focus on.

Content MUST be business outcome focused. Please, no sell sheets focused on (announcer voice) “Solution XYZ!” Think of the business outcome your end-customer is trying to solve and give your Partners the content that will highlight them as the company that can solve them. Especially with MSPs your technology and brand are taking a back seat.

Your MDF/Co-op programs must truly help Partners advance. No more golf events. But let them spend MDF to buy an annual subscription to HubSpot or Salesforce or a marketing automation tool.

No matter what tool you give them, plan to spend budget on human intervention.”

For more interview Q&A click the link to the complete article posted on December 5, 2019 by Terry Moffatt in 

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