Cloudfinder makes backing up and restoring data easy and hassle-free

Cloudfinder combines vigilant security with 24/7 tech support for your business, backing up Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Google Apps!
Today businesses have embraced cloud technology in big way.  Cloudfinder monitors cloud services and provides automatic and secure backup for Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Google Apps.  The Cloudfinder platform combines absolute data security with and intuitive information overview, powerful filtering and search capabilities, easy restore and analytics tools. 
            The search driven interface finds and restores anything from a single document to an entire account with just a few clicks.  The central search function lets users search for content, specific snapshots, pervious document versions, specific users and accounts and more.  This backup solution helps cloud service users safeguard against service downtime, human errors and hacker attacks, which cloud service provides don’t cover. 
The ease of Cloudfinder’s search and restore function is what makes it superior to other applications.  If you can use a search engine then you can already search and restore your data with Cloudfinder.  Cloudfinder is the only cloud back up company that can do content search, search in all previous versions, search all accounts and search multiple sources from just one platform.
Cloudfinder’s interface is extremely easy to use and it has powerful filtering and search capabilities.  It is the only cloud backup service on the market that can handle a unified backup archive with data from more than one source in the same archive, eg. From Office 365 Google Apps and Salesforce.  It allows users to search and restore data freely across the connected services. 
            Cloudfinder is an ideal solution for businesses of any size. It can provide backup and recovery for businesses from SMB to enterprises that are using Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce and Google Apps. 
Search and restore functions are at the core of Cloudfinder. It can find and restore anything from a single document to an entire account with a just a few clicks. The powerful filtering and search capabilities allow a user to search for content, specific snapshots, previous versions, specific users, accounts and more. It is even possible to search across multiple sources including Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps and Salesforce.
Cloudfinder has some other great features as well.  It monitors all cloud services that clients are using and backs up the information daily to a secure vault. Cloudfinder’s SafeHaven Vault has a highly durable storage infrastructure that was designed for mission-critical and primary data storage.  Exported data is compressed into a zip-file created in the user’s download folder for easy access. The Analytics Charts feature provides a virtual presentation with detailed information about the type, exposure, and size of all documents in all backed-up data shown in separate tabs. There is unlimited storage for an unlimited number of users.  Cloudfinder provides 24/7 tech support. Product information, FAQs and contact information for the Cloudfinder support desk can all be found in the Cloudfinder Online Support Center. The support staff is available at all times.
For more information about Cloudfinder, including pricing, features, functionality, reseller programs, incentives and more, check out their SaaSMAX Profile .

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