RECORDED BY SAASMAX: Creating Revenue in the Digital Normal – With Janet Schijns

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Recorded July 17, 2020, 10amPT / 1pm ET

SaaSMAX is excited to present this informative session to the SaaS and XaaS vendor community, with JS Group’s CEO Janet Schijns to help you learn to create revenue in the new digital normal.

The world changed in the blink of an eye. Companies that pivot how they find and engage partners are increasing their revenue. Those who choose not to pivot are learning quickly that the game has changed, and not in their favor.  IT Consultants and technology service providers are scrambling to service their clients and keeping their businesses viable. For SaaS and XaaS vendor channel teams, that means data-driven customization, a laser focus on customer experience, and stronger reliance on ecommerce and social selling is key to partner acquisition and loyalty.

Join SaaSMAX PartnerOptimizer, innovators of automated data-driven partner discovery, and Janet Schijns, the CEO of sales enablement consultancy JS Group and a longtime Fortune 500 executive with leadership experience spanning Verizon, Motorola and Office Depot on July 17th at 10am Pacific.  Janet knows how to find high value partners, win customer revenue and influence markets – her clients regularly see increases in revenue of 40% or more.


In this conversation with Janet, you’ll learn:
• How leaders at all levels of your company can focus on your ideal partners and equip them to capture new revenue opportunities, driving your returns higher
• Why the right data is key to engaging partner’s clients and your increased revenue stream
• How social is the new marketing channel that can increase partner acquisition, sales efficiency and drive new partner revenues.

Hosted by Laura Steward, Director, Online Channel Events for SaaSMAX PartnerOptimizer, former MSP founder and current host of the longrunning podcast “It’s All About the Questions.”

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