Digital Document Management — A Must Have for Your Clients

If you think about how our world is changing – especially when it comes to document management, it’s astounding. Consider this: In 1871, Louis Leitz developed and patented the Leitz Ordner – commonly known as the three-ring binder. Fast-forward to 1996 when the Electronic Leitz Organizer (ELO) was founded and the world of document management revolutionized by ELO Digital Office. Today, ELO Digital Office continues to lead innovations in digital content management and email management with a suite of products for any size company, budget, and industry including: ELOoffice, ELOprofessional, and ELOenterprise.

So why is it important for businesses to have an electronic document management system? Why does it matter right now, and why should you enable your clients to digitize daily business processes? The digital revolution has arrived and it’s transforming the way we work, conduct business, and consume information.  For instance, think about how you get your daily news — most likely you get your daily scoop over morning coffee while swiping your smartphone or tablet versus leafing through pages of newsprint. Document management in today’s workplace demands the same level of efficiency, immediacy, and accuracy that everyone comes to expect when consuming information in our daily lives. The rich document management offerings from ELO Digital Office USA not only simplify digitization of the workplace, they provide all the functionality your clients need to effectively manage, quickly access, and securely control information across the entire organization – and all at an affordable price.

To compete and succeed in a digital world, it is imperative for businesses to have a digital content strategy and easy-to-use solutions to realize that strategy. Your clients can no longer afford the inefficiencies of a paper-based workplace. They need immediate and fingertip access to all business-related content – from emails to invoices to contracts and everything in between. Digital content management solutions will give your customers a competitive edge while fostering a more collaborative and efficient environment for employees. As a Solution Provider or MSP, you must arm yourself with the knowledge and rationale for migrating your customers from old-school, paper-based businesses to the 21st century digital economy. You can start by clicking here to download a new white paper from ELO Digital Office USA — The Modern Digital Workplace: Managing your Content More Efficiently.

Whether you are selling into a small business, a large enterprise or anything in between, ELO Digital Office USA has a document management solution to meet your clients’ needs. For more information on ELO Digital Office solutions, visit them at the ELO SaaSMAX Marketplace.

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