FileLife joins the SaaSMAX Marketplace, offering businesses the power to encrypt and control access to shared files and emails

FileLife offers the highest levels of security in the cloud.

As companies and employees increasingly use more data, it has become crucial that they remain in control of the information, even as they share files and emails. FileLife gives its users the ability to encrypt (AES encryption layer) and remain in control of this sensitive information. With the rise of BYOD, file sharing and collaboration software, FileLife give users greater security and control over the data that moves and resides outside of traditional corporate infrastructure.

FileLife’s platform is a secure cloud replacement for businesses who are worried about the lack of security found using DropBox. It combines DRM+Encryption+control to give the user the ability to continuously and proactively secure, track and control their digital life.

Imagine this scenario: a file or email has been sent to the wrong person or has been forwarded without permission. It could become a serious issue for any sized company. FileLife allows users to control when and where information in its files (or emails) is accessed, and more importantly, by whom. When an error is made, the user can instantly “kill” the file or email to ensure it is not accessed or read by the incorrect recipients.

The solution’s technology is designed for use by businesses of all sizes. Its three largest vertical markets are legal, financial and healthcare. All three have a major concern in common; they share personally and legally sensitive information with outside parties on a daily basis. There are also regulatory compliance laws such as SOX, GBL, and HIPPA that make FlifeLife even more valuable in these verticals.

FileLife CEO, Randall Stephens said that, “FileLife is superior to other regular encryption solutions for several reasons. Users can remain in control of files and emails after they are shared. It offers business the ability to secure their data as it moves outside of their internal corporate infrastructure and provides a secure cloud-sharing platform that is specifically designed to place security above all else.”

For more information about FileLife, including pricing, features, functionality, reseller offers and more, check out their SaaSMAX Profile.

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