Forbes Article Says Microsoft Will Win the Small Business Cloud War

This Forbes Article makes an interesting point:  It’s “everyday people” who are ultimately adopting technology and making technology purchasing decisions for their businessses…and people generally prefer to stick to what they know, trust and are comfortable using- rather than learn something brand new and take a risk.  Small businesses are dominated by “everyday people”…which is fueling our economy and will fuel Microsoft.

“Why Microsoft Will Win The Small Business Cloud War”

“Big companies (Google, Apple and IBM) as well as small companies (Facebook and Groupon) are offering their services and applications online, changing the way people use technology. But quietly, Microsoft is adding more and more of its key applications to the cloud, winning over small business owners. These owners could find similar services elsewhere, which is why Microsoft will win. Because the battle won’t be won over products and features and cool apps and gizmos. The choice will be about companies and services and who users trust with our data and our business applications.”  Read »

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