Fusion Private Technology Summit Recap: SaaSMAX CEO Featured Speaker

By Marc Lewis (Fusion Analytics Research Partners LLC, 11/23/13)

“We hosted the First Fusion Private Company Summit here in San Francisco on Nov 18th that kicked off an incredibly busy conference week. I can safely say that this was by far the “best production of the week” based upon the feedback we received. To quote one of the attendees “Over the past thirty years I have been to business forums throughout the Americas as well as in Europe and throughout Asia, yet the First Fusion Private Technology Summit that you hosted was the best one that I have ever attended.”

The passionate presentations, interesting content combined with the interaction among the attendees really helped turn this into a memorable event. We are looking forward to our next event early next year.

The conference kicked off with a brief intro by me and Myles Weissleder, the founder of SF NewTech and one of the original founding Fusion Private Technology Summit fathers of Meetup who helped produce this with us. He gave a brief background of his company and how it has been such a great platform and enabler for startups over the last 7 years…

Dina Moskowitz from SaaSMAX, a company I’ve been familiar with from the early beginnings, was up next and gave a very powerful presentation about SaaSmax and the momentum that is building behind their SaaS marketplace.  With recent accolades and press mentions and endorsements by the likes of the SIIA, it’s pretty obvious her brand awareness is increasing, as the marketplace continues to gain new users, new resellers, and applications.  Similarly to Nimble, Dina is at the tail-end of a raise and I feel her company will have no problem getting additional funding because she is providing the opportunity for SaaS vendors to enhance their marketing and channel efforts without the typical expense one would need to incur.”

For more information on the Summit and to read about all the presenters, visit: http://www.fusionmarketsite.com/?p=17245

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