GreenRope (Business Operating System) Is Now Available on SaaSMAX

GreenRope is a unique Business Operating System that combines the functions that most organizations need and use on a regular basis in to one unified, easy-to-manage platform:  Customer Relationship Management (CRM); email marketing; website CMS and storefront; web analytics; mobile marketing; marketing automation; surveys; event management and registration; project management; support ticketing; accounting; and more!
Pricing is simple and will save customers on average over 80% of total cost of ownership (TCO) of comparable software. GreenRope has been particularly successful in the Education, Government, and Non-Profit sectors. Case studies are available within SaaSMAX.

Be a WiseSaaS! Login to SaaSMAX to check out their profile, commissions, market enablement materials and more. And if you have clients who could benefit from GreenRope, register your deals right away! 

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