How Cloud Brokers Unravel The Jumble Of SaaS Apps For Business

Article submitted by SaaSMAX (Content also in this week’s Business Solution Magazine, 1/21/2014)
Michael McKenna, a registered SaaSMAX Reseller, has been working in the CRM arena since 2001. With dual degrees from Trinity College Dublin, plus a background in project management and sales, Mike is a recognized CRM expert with over a decade of experience in delivering cost-effective solutions that work.
With SaaS apps predicted to become a $75 billion market in 2014, it’s no wonder that new enterprise applications spring up seemingly out of nowhere almost every day. Amidst all the noise, it’s challenging for SMB owners to choose, configure and deploy tools that are ostensibly designed to help. That’s where Michael comes in.
At Dublin-based SmartCloud, Michael provides consulting and training services to companies that are looking to reduce IT costs by leveraging the cloud. He and his team parse through dozens of SaaS applications to select, implement and deploy the right tools for their clients. Michael shares a few of his best practices and SaaS tips with us here.

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